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This exclusive chalice or goblet, was molded and designed by Wolf & Thyme and is one-of-a-kind.  It has a resin copper finish with a steel insert that can hold any liquid.  The mystical owl has it's wings outstretched on the front, flying above the branches reaching up from the rooted tree, while the forest wraps around it, showing a crescent moon peeking from the night sky.

Our logo is on the bottom and we use this tool for our altar, to hold moon water or wine at sabbat.  We only have a few left and then they will be gone! 


**copyright 2024 Wolf & Thyme, All Rights Reserved {do not resell, copy or recreate this product for profit or distribution} Wolf & Thyme is a trademarked company.

Owl Chalice | Copper Resin & Steel

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