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Kat Alunora Seidr
kat alunora

Learn, Grow & Be Guided

"Look into the soul of a tree, hear their whispers and feel their life story.  Touch the caress of the sea, as she kisses your toes and asks you to sing to her. Listen to the whipping winds of the desert, humming to the heat that pulses in it's sand. Hold time still in your hands, as you catch snowflakes and see that the present moment is all you need to think about.  Nature is your constant friend, and will give to you, over and over again."  Kat Alunora

Druid, Celtic Shaman & Mystic

Artist, Author, Teacher & Guide

Just the Beginning...

Oracle & Tarot Decks

Kat has been doing card readings for over 15 years and helping people grow, heal and hear their spirit guides for their Divine path.

As an artist, and Celtic Shaman, she has a deep connection to nature, animals, the cosmos and ancient history.  Each deck..starting with the Seidr Spirit Animal Oracle, will be created with original wisdom and authentic insight; ritual art that has been recorded and shared on YouTube for meditation and insight, and will cover many traditions, paths and cultures.

Additional decks are in the 'works' and will be created and released in the same fashion, once Seidr Spirit Animal Oracle has been fully published. 

wolf and thyme

In Tune...

Kat Alunora

Feeding The Light Within

Kat is a psychic medium that has been practicing Celtic Shamanism for over 15 years.  She has been classed as a Bard level Druid from the OBOD in the United Kingdom and is progressing to the Master Druid Certification.  She practices level 3 Japanese Based Reiki energy healing, certified by the Reiki Infinite Healer course, and has been working in Native Ceremony with her family in their Apache and Cheyenne ancestry.  As a natural healer, she has come across many instances of dealing with both the Divine and entities of negative energy, helping people heal, animals and spirits seek peace, as well as home and land cleansings.  Integrity, honesty, sincerce compassion and a purpose to guide all drive her pursuit in creating a collective of love centered souls, that are awakened to the truth.

Cosmic Connection

Coming Together in All Phases

Each card will be made in high quality stock, with sustainability in mind, gold guilded and will be an appropriate size and texture for easy shuffling, pulling, and practicing with on a regular basis.  These cards are all original fine art works, done in Shamanic ritual and some of them already have homes in Kat's collectors' art galleries.  Some, you will have the opportunity to purchase as one-of-a-kind artworks for your own sacred space.

spirit animal deck
wolf and thyme
seidr spirit animal deck

Healing With Nature

Whole Body Healing

When you pre-purchase your card deck, you will have the value bonus added,  of one extra 'collector's card' that will not be released with the remaining batch, a signed guidebook by Kat, and will get the deck first before they are sold to the public. This will only be reserved for the first 222 units.  Kat makes everything with pure intention, magic, love, purpose and POWER.  You WILL be changed and it will help you navigate your own Divine Purpose for the Universe, which in turn helps all who are touched by your light.

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