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This premium custom kit includes a handmade ritual knife or 'athame' created with kyanite, antler tip, feathers, artificial sinew, shell, swirl copper charm and crystal stone beads.  Created for cutting energy cords that are attached to you in negative points on the body, which draw out your aura and make you exhasted, sad, depressed or whatever feelings that the person corded you with.


It has an original ritual scroll with instructions on handmade recycled paper, transcended soul ritual oil, a blue moonstone, fluorite chips, ritual salt, rosemary leaf, witch hazel, rose petal and a tealight.

This is the perfect set to help you learn how to cut negative energy cords, to cleanse your aura, and to bring your POWER back to you.  The page is beautifully crafted to go into your Grimoire or Book of Shadows.


**copyright 2024 Wolf & Thyme, All Rights Reserved {do not resell, copy or recreate this ritual for profit or distribution} Wolf & Thyme is a trademarked company.

Transcended Soul Cord Cutting Ritual Kit

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