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This spell kit has the tools to create light in your aura field and bring postitive frequency into your life.  It serves as a protection from dark entities and energy and helps you clear and cleanse anytime you need it.

It comes with a moon phase selentite wand for cleansing, energy cord cutting, charging and amplification, palo santo smudge stick, a white candle to connect to Divine Source, a stone and mother of pearl candle spike, a handmade clay, bead and gold offering bowl, mugwort, mother wort, oregano, black cohosh roots, obsidian chips and a spell scroll to guide you through the ritual.


**spells are created by an experienced Shaman, Druid and Witch practitioner with intention of helping you for your highest good. 


- Wolf & Thyme is a trademarked company, all spells, rituals and products are copyright and are not to be recreated or used for profit or resell.

Protection of Soul Spell Kit

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