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This is the original watercolor artwork from all of the Shaman meditation sessions with spirit animals by Kat Alunora Seidr, released in January 2025.


It features the animals' shaman powers, elements, totem properties, and different cultural and spiritual meanings, as well as the specific message for that card.

The guidebook will have colored photos of each card, both the upright and reversed guidance, card spread ideas, rituals and an opportunity for you to connect to each card via YouTube video from that animal's watercolor time lapse process and meditation.


The cards will be in a high quality matte finish, and designed with shuffling, often use and energetic connection in mind.  Kat is a seasoned reader for over 15 years, is certified in Reiki healing, is a Bard Druid by the OBOD of the UK, is a Celtic Shaman and practices such work as chakra healings, energy cord cutting, divination and intuitive body work.


This is the first of many decks to come, published by The Luna Loft, and will hold 43 cards {equaling the number 7} - You will get a bonus of a Collector's Card, a signed guidebook and will be the first of 222 people to get those exclusive features before they go public without them.



Pre-Order | Seidr Spirit Animal Deck & Guidebook

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