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Ancestors Walk Among Us | July Box 2023

If you are a part of the AMAZING loyal souls that have been waiting and waiting for the July box and thought...well I guess it's not coming...IT IS!

The Ancestors Walk Among Us box has been heavily delayed due to a multitude of circumstances, but the group that I have in my hot little hands, will be getting a triple valued box for being so very patient! It will have a hefty crystal, the guidebook for the Shaman Stones, a bonus stone, the throw rug, art, and so many magickal things I wish I could spoil for you. These boxes are exclusive and have handmade items crafted from our recently passed Nana whom we have learned so much of the White Mountain Apache ceremony from. She left us with so many beautiful pieces of her life, and now we get to share them with you as you connect to your own lineage and path, whatever that may be.

They are scheduled to ship out at the end of May, beginning of June... I don't give exact dates anymore knowing it is always up to the Universe- but at least I can give you a time frame!

If for ANY reason, you don't want it when it comes, you can send it back still intact and we will resell it on the shop and give you your original money back guaranteed. They will be selling in the shop for much, much more than that so it's really okay! We want you to be completely in love after the long haul. Once we get the box back and make sure it's all good, we will send you a refund.

If you are on the list to get one of these massive boxes, we will send you an email notification that it is shipping out, and when to expect it to arrive. So please track it and make sure it is not lost, stolen or damaged. Everything will be packed tight and secure. If you need confirmation that you ordered one just send us an email and we can check our list. If you are not on the list just send us a copy of your dated order email confirmation and we will add you on.

Thank you, thank you for your amazing acknowledgement of this difficult past year, for sending love and support and for understanding. It's been an honor to curate these for you.


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