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about wolf & thyme

"Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul" - John Muir


Wolf & Thyme was curated to bring you closer to your bond with nature, to get back to source and the simple pleasures of connecting to the energy of the Earth.  The path of the moon creates phases for our souls and it works in conjunction with the internal growth you can get with each monthly theme.


Wolf & Thyme came about when Kat Grady had to close down her salon due to Covid-19.  She wanted to still reach people with self care and spiritual guidance, just as she did in the salon so she decided to start a subscription box service.  Now there are three tiers to the Wolf & Thyme line of boxes and they are reaching not just her clients but the whole world.


We focus on Eco-conscious packaging, herbal holistic products, vegan salon quality hair care, crystal healing, shamanic artwork, organic teas, high quality spiritual and craft tools and self care items that feed your mind, body and soul.


In turn we have been able to support local women-owned businesses grow and prosper, crafters, artisans and artists as well as source some of the most stunning spiritual tools that will help you on your path.



Kat Grady is the owner and curator for the Wolf & Thyme boxes.  She is a professional artist who went to school for Illustration at the Academy of Art University, a Licensed Cosmetologist and a Celtic Shaman Practitioner.

She owns and operates The Luna Loft brand including a professional full service Salon and several handmade products.  Her skills as an artist and crafts person combined with years of marketing and professional leadership have granted her the skills to develop a creative business that intertwines art, holistic health and a finished product.

She is very spiritual and has always been connected to nature, helping others and defending wildlife and the planet.  Her Salon is Green Circle certified sustainable and recycles 95% of everything used.  The energy of the Earth and the path of the Moon have been a part of her personal practice and as an Empath she also feels and relates to many of her clients and the world at large.

Kat has a family of five, nine chickens and a husky-wolf named Eli who are all a dear part of her life.  She loves walking on the beach and in the woods, gardening, painting, kayaking and growing in her spirituality and in her craft.

"I am honored to have the opportunity to help others in this time of need, to help them with their self care, connecting back to nature's energy and assist with healing and growth.  These boxes are more than gifts or products, they carry with them authentic nurturing that every human soul deserves." - Kat

 Welcome to The Wolf Pack & Blessed Be

"I love the contents of this box. It was right up my alley and even felt personalized from the details on the Dreamcatcher to the necklace I have been wearing since I have unboxed this to the self care products - love it all around!"

Corrine F.

Aug 14, 2020