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about wolf & thyme

"Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul" - John Muir


Wolf & Thyme was created to bring you closer to your bond with nature, to get back to source and the simple pleasures of connecting to the energy of the Universe.  The path of the moon creates phases for our souls and we create each item to be in-tune with nature and the Wheel of the Seasons. We honor all cultures & spiritualists, and try to make our items easy to use with your unique journey. We are dedicated to staying true to our best practices, excellent customer care, being authentic and guiding with integrity.


Wolf & Thyme was created in 2020 during a time in history that people all over the world needed healing self-care and nature's powerful nurturing. It started with one box, and has now grown to two subscriptions, one quarterly box and an extensive shop. We are a small family business located in the US, and as we grow with our Wolf Pack, we evolve and add new services and products all the time. We are honored to have so many supporters and beautiful souls purchase from us. For you are a part of our story as well.


We focus on Eco-conscious packaging when possible, items that can be reused or recycled, provide herbal holistic products, exclusive items, crystal healing, shamanic artwork, organic teas, divination and books for learning higher wisdom, powerful rituals, high quality spiritual & crafted tools and self care items that feed your mind, body and soul. Many of our items are handmade, local and sustainably sourced. We want to create an experience for you, and help you re-engage with nature, while honoring your authentic self.


Our belief is that kindness and education are the two most powerful things you can give someone, which brings understanding and compassion. We are all learners and givers in life, and while we heal ourselves, we can also help heal others. We created our Wolf Pack as a community where spiritual people could come without judgement, and feel a sense of acceptance and friendship. Nature is the common place where we can all feel love, gratefulness and serenity. Our company honors our place in the great circle, where we can be a part of that.


Our company supports the efforts and energy it takes to protect our planet, wildlife and our environment. We donate monthly to the Wolf Conservation Center whom we feel are active and assertive in educating the public and saving Wolves. We also adopt a Wolf yearly and send out follow ups with what your contributions to our shop gives to these beautiful animals. In addition we have a partnership and donate to the One Tree Planted company in re-foresting our planet, and you can add a tree to your purchase for only one dollar. As we grow we will seek out even more warriors for our Earth and give back to help them with their mission.

The Boxes

The subscription boxes we offer are very different because they are mostly handcrafted Artisan items that Kat makes herself. They contain DIY kits so that you can also make things and infuse them with your own energy just as she does. They take time, creative effort and intense hours of hand work. They have high-quality pieces, with items that are detailed with intention. There are handpainted art prints, done in Shaman rituals, original spells you get to perform, magickal pieces that are energetically charged, premium crystal specimens, organic self-care products made from scratch, and tools, books, decor, etc from small businesses and craftspeople . They are special and custom.

"Wolf.. my first teacher and spirit protector, my animal ally to the spirit world and the sacred animal of both my Norse and Celtic heritage.

Thyme… the all healer plant that grounds me to this plane, used in cooking, crafting and magical ritual, which I grow at my door step. An herbs from the Hedge, offering health, healing, psychic powers, love, cleansing of the soul and energy fields, soothes and gives one courage and strength.

As a Celtic Shaman, I practice an eclectic nature energy path. I use the Seidr of the Norse gods, the Animism of Paganism, the Craft of the Hedge Medicine Woman, all five elements - air, water, earth, fire, spirit, all encased in the sabbat wheel of the seasons, the great Chakras of our bodies, celestial guidance, ancestor medicine, psychic medium abilities and divination through both the tarot and the Oracle. Art is my healing practice, along with energy work (reiki) and holistic herbal spells.

Nature is what I base all fundamental spirituality upon, self care and it is what I fight to protect. Ever since I was a child, I have talked to the trees, the animals, and have connected to spirits of the passed souls of this plane and of others.  I always knew I was different, but it took many years of inner shadow work, self love, and validation to remember why, for what purpose and to be honored by my gifts.

I am Katherine Alunora, or Kat, the owner and artist, the curator and Witch. I have three amazing children, with the combined heritage of Celtic, Norse, Apache, Cherokee and Scandinavian, and I fly solo, as a single mom. I have wonderful 'Wolf Sisters' whom I support and am truly thankful for.  I also have a German Shepard named Olive which is my familiar, and a Husky Wolf named Eli.  We all have a tight bond and I am blessed to have such open hearts to help me along my own path in life.
I majored in Illustration and Art History at the Academy of Art University, and am a lyricist and vocal artist for the band Sunnden, which writes original music in the folk/pop/spiritual genre.  I also am a world traveler, who respects all cultures, loves cooking magickal cuisine, adventures, writing and dancing by the fire! I welcome you here, to our Wolf Pack, and honor your light. ✨"

I just received my first Luna Lux box and it has exceeded my expectations! I love how personal the box feels. You can tell she puts so much effort into each item, even the description pages! It feels so handmade and comforting, which is my favorite thing about it. The price is well worth everything you get. This box is going to be something I
look forward to each month!

Morgan • April 2021