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We Are Still Giving Back To Wolves, And So Are You

Wolf Conservation Center


Everytime your subscription goes through, everytime your checkout goes through at the shop and each time you purchase through Wolf & Thyme…you are also helping protect Wolves by helping us GIVE BACK!


Although our economy is struggling, shipping costs are high, gas prices are astronomical, rent is rising, groceries are expensive, and inflation is at it's worst….your loyalty is keeping this small business afloat and our family still able to navigate those SAME struggles and be able to give what we can to keep protecting our environment.


At the beginning of this year we adopted Rhett {above in the front} who is a 14 year old endangered Mexican Gray Wolf and we give monthly to the Wolf Conservation Center in New York who educate, fight for and protect endangered wolves.  We also have kept our One Tree Planted program and continue to help donate towards reforestation and planting trees.


So thank you for those of you who have stood by us through thick and thin, and for those of you who have been with us since the beginning!  We know times are rough out there, for us too…so from the bottom of our hearts and for all the wolves, lets stay strong together!  With spirit and selfcare, with hope and with determination.


14-year old Rhett (M1133) is one of the oldest wolves currently residing at the WCC, and his long life has been one filled to the brim with adventure. Though Rhett is one of just a few Mexican gray wolves who once experienced life in the wild, his intrepid nature didn’t stop there. Rhett and his mate Belle (F1226) have raised six pups together over the years, a wild adventure in its own right! Now Rhett spends his days basking in the sun with Belle and their adult pups, Maus (M1507), Jean (F1619), and Nita (F1621) and doing his best to keep them all out of trouble. Wolves are all about family and Rhett is deeply committed to his.

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