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Typo on the Gaelic Sea Letter for the August Box

Typo on the ‘Gaelic Sea’ Letter!

This will be a bit of a spoiler but we don't want to misinform you about one of the important items in your upcoming subscription box!

Premium Amazonite NOT Aventurine

Unfortunately we have to give you a spoiler about the premium crystal in your upcoming subscription box...but there is another surprise in there so at least that won't be spoiled, as well as what form your Amazonite is coming in! Your crystal has been mislabeled as 'Aventurine' but it is indeed AMAZONITE and all of the elements, properties and description are correct in the letter, but the name of the crystal itself is not. We never want to lead you astray on the stones that are in your possession so remember this correction when you open it up and hold it in your hand.

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