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The Meaning of Incense…

Incense has been a sacred smoking practice for centuries and is practiced in every country!  It has been used for ceremonies, cleansing, rituals, spells, shamanic journeys, psychic connections and much more.  Not only is it a part of the element of Air, but it helps you focus during mediation and creates an intentional meaning to your practice.  To help you understand more about the properties of each scent, here is a reference list to the majority of incense you can find today.  

Dragon’s Blood - Love, Protection, Exorcism and Erotic Intimacy

Bay - Purify, Healing and Protection

Thyme - Health and Healing

Rosemary - All Encompassing! 

Blueberry - Protection

Blue Roses - Goddess Offering

Carnations - Healing

Cherry - Love

Cinnamon - Wealth and Success

Coconut - Protection and Purification

Copal - Gods Offering

Frangipani - Friendship

Frankincense - Consecrate Tools and Crystals, Cleansing and Activation of all Chakras

Honeysuckle - Health, Luck, Psychic Power

Jasmine - Love and Luck

Lotus - Inner Peace, Meditation and Opening the third Eye

Musk - Courage, Energy and Passion

Myrrh - Protection, Healing, Purification and Spirit

Passionflower - Soothing, Sleep and Eases Troubles

Patchouli - Money and Attraction

Pine - Strength and Reverses Negative Energy

Rose - Love and Calming

Sandalwood - Heal, Protection and Purify

Spice (Clove or Other) - Charging Tools and Crystals

Strawberry - Love, Luck and Friendship

Tangerine - Prosperity

Vanilla - Memory Enhancing

There are always new scents coming out, additional oils and other properties you can add to these!  When you see an ingredient you are not familiar with, just look up the correlating meaning and you can add those magickal properties as well!  

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