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Ten Ways to Ease Depression

So many of us have had our ups and downs, with lots of downs more than ups.  The last few years have been challenging and life changing to most of our World, but now more than ever, is the time to change that.

Here are ten ways that you can feel better, create a positive practice of self care, and bring nature with powerful energy, back into your daily routine.

1. Create a Morning Ritual

Even if it is hard to emerge from your bed, set a time when you have a quiet moment in the morning and make a meditation spot by a window.  Open the curtains and let fresh air and sunlight in…or rain, or snow..whatever the elements are to wake you up!  Use a soft floor pillow, lots of blankets, whatever brings you comfort.  Add Plants, candles, incense, art that inspires you, mantras, etc.  Create your zen den!  Meditate there and write down your plans for the day, things you want to do and how you would like to feel by the end of it.  This is a great way to set you up for success, ground you and feel nurtured.

2. Use Divination & Crystals

A divination practice consists of oracle or tarot cards, pendulums, tea reading, scrying and many other ways to let your spirit guides and the Universe speak their truth to you.  If this is new for you, try out Oracle cards first as a way to ease into messages and feel out the process, then graduate into other things like Palm reading or unique ways to read the signs.  It is encouraged to always create a protective orb around you of love and light, to use protective crystals that connect you to source and guard your psychic mind, and to take the messages as loving guidance, using your intuition for interpretation.

3. Nature Bathe

Whether you are near a forest, a park, tropical gardens, on the rugged coast or in the desert…nature is all around us.  Use what elements are in your environment, to connect to the energy of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit.  Pull from the energy of the sand, the ocean, the mossy wood’s floor…tap into the healing power of nature and listen to it’s love for you.  YOU are a part of it, just as much as the growing grass.  We are all connected to every part of this planet and if you practice nature bathing, you will start to feel so much better!

4. Bring an Animal into Your Life

Even if you cannot have pets…you can feed the crows, the squirrels, connect to the local owl or the nesting falcon…the grazing deer or the chirping crickets.  Animals are messengers and healers and whenever you have one around you all the time- look up it’s spiritual meaning and the messages it has for you.  Create a totem for it, start connecting to it’s animal spirit in mediation and feel it’s comfort in your life.  And if you can have a pet, go get something that you connect to that you can care for and will love you back unconditionally.  Animals, reptiles, even fish..can be a great source of companionship. 

5. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!!

I don’t mean mopping floors..I mean banishing negative energy and entities from your life!  Things attach to us ALL the time, and if you are a sensitive or empathic, it will impact you DRAMATICALLY.  You may feel fine in the morning, and terribly sad for ‘no reason’ by the time you get home from work.  This feeling can very much indicate you have ‘feeders’ on you or have come across many unhappy people.  Create a daily cleaning of your house with a smudge stick and incense.  Throw salt into the corners of your home and call out; that only love and light may live there.  Smudge your whole body and cleanse your mind with Palo Santo smoke each evening.  Call out; that all negative energy and entities must LEAVE and that only LOVE and LIGHT may stay. Mean it, believe it, and make it so.

6. Clear Your Chakras

Your chakras create the flow and healthy energy that controls both your body and mind, based on your spiritual balance.  This is true in all cultures, religions, paths, etc.  ALL people are made with these energy zones and need to have them cleared and activated in a healthy way.  This is a very detailed subject and Reiki masters, Shamans, and body healers know how in depth this can become, depending on the past trauma you are holding onto inside.  If you are a beginner, pick up a book, watch a trusted video or go to a local master to help you start this process.  Crystals are a big part of this as well, and can be used as tools to both clear and activate any chakra or all of them.  It will literally transform you life!

7. Holistic Health

This is another very in-depth subject, but to start you off- go to a natural-path or holistic health coach/doctor, to see what could be off with your chemical balance. If this is out of your budget, start with getting all of your vitamins, eating clean, drinking lots of water and starting your day with Matcha tea!  There are supplements that can naturally help with mood such as Sam-E {400mg} and Maca Maca {root powder} but be sure to check with your health professional to make sure these are in line with your body’s needs.  Staying healthy with nature’s medicine such as herbal teas, vegetables and important nutrients, can completely change your endocrine system so that you become energized and happy!

8. Make Time For What You LOVE

If your hobby is fishing, making things, art, writing, kayaking, etc…but you haven’t been doing it, make time for it!  Our loves and passions are JUST as important as work, sleep, food, etc.  It is what gives our brain those happy chemicals that keep us balanced, keep us refreshed and fill up our souls.  Even if it is just 20 minutes a week, schedule it into your plans and don’t let anything get in the way of it.  It is just as much a therapy as any other, but better because it is what you really love.

9. Stay Accountable

This means finding a person. A person that knows what you are going through and you can check in with.  If you are feeling very depressed, and are considering harm to yourself…please go seek out a professional or a hotline and get the help you need.  It is absolutely worth it, because YOU are worth it.  YOU are here for a reason and the Universe needs you!  The planet needs you, and you can make a difference.  If you cannot find a person, then get into a local support group, a club, or an organization that you can feel at home at.  Even if it is a yoga class, or a nature hiking group…you can connect and have a place and time that you are accountable to.  Take it a step further, and get involved with activism!  Help clean up trash on the beach, volunteer at a place where hurt animals are cared for, or go plant some trees.  When you feel you have purpose, that alone will keep you accountable to yourself.

10. Cut Negative Cords

You may have a person from your past attached to you, that still has cords attached to your body.  You may still be feeling their pain, the drain, the energy being sucked right out of you.  This is when you need to cut negative cords from your life and end that connection for good.  Letting go of the past, releasing negative and toxic relationships, finding a job that is a more positive environment, etc. are all things that can drastically change your mind and emotional state.  Don’t hold onto those things out of guilt, loyalty, remorse, or fear…if they are bringing you down, then it’s time for it/them to go!  If this is a new practice for you, try some of the rituals in our shop for this, seek out book knowledge and use meditation to help you get through it.  Crystals are powerful tools to help support this process, as well as a writing/burning ritual.  This is where you write down who/what you want to release- then imagine in your mind the cord between you and that.  Then burn the paper, and imagine that the burning is following the energy cord all the way to the thing or person you are disconnecting from.  Seal that place in your soul with white light and push your warm, loving energy into it.  Then let go.


I hope that some of these suggestions help you with relief, and create the start of a new perspective and excitement for life for you.  There are many out there suffering and we all need hope and encouragement- so I LIFT YOU UP, and I believe in YOU!  

Your affirmation:

”I am worth real love for myself, I will heal my mind, body and soul, and I am a part of the grand plan of the Universe.  I will be happy and well!”


Much Love,

Your Wolf Pack, Kat


**Disclaimer: By no means is this professional medical advice, and does not constitute substitution of psychiatric, or a licensed therapist’s opinion.  This blog is for suggestion only and anyone suffering that needs medical support should seek out professional support immediately.  **

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