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Speaking Your Truth


When we talk about speaking your truth, what does that trigger for you?  One of my very favorite colors is BLUE, in all forms, and blue-green is my ultimate favorite color.  As an artist, I think that translates into expressing what I truly feel inside, with paint color and one of my favorite places of inspiration, which is the ocean.  It also is the color of the THROAT Chakra, or the 5th Chakra.  It is there that you can either say what you want, what you need, or be strangled by the pressure of not being able to vocalize your authentic self.

When I have a physical issue with my throat, my neck, or if I feel the need to cover it with scarves and clothing, I check in and see if there is a place in my soul, that cannot let out what I truly feel.  Many times this will also manifest in dreams, where I am throwing up, I have a mouth infection, or I am being suffocated.  But what happens when you LITERALLY cannot speak out.? how you really feel about your boss, what you want to say to your parents, what you wish you could say to your exes, etc.  This is when journaling and saying what you write about, out loud to yourself, can really help.  You can also put it into lyrics in a song, a poem, you can talk to your friends or a therapist, or you can write it down and burn it up to be released into the Void. 

Many times, a gentle conversation can also help, with expressing who you are and what you want to say.  Making it a more suitable, mature conversation, and still getting your point across, but not in such an aggressive manner, really helps with delivering information you are fearful of sharing. 

When you create with your hands, or express things through other ways, it still does not fully release the clutter that is within your spirit, that needs to be verbally said.  When we say things out loud, it makes them very real, it is an auditory validation of our authentic self, and creates flow through the Chakra system again.  It is how we release through breath work, through martial arts in our output of chi, through grunts and yells, screams and howls...sometimes it just needs to be a primal sound, that opens the floodgates, to the release you need to feel.

However you decide, remember to also nurture your Chakra zone as well, with healing tea, with lots of water, with mantras, affirmation, chanting, loving vibrations that give positive feedback.  Your body, your energy, will tell you what it just have to listen, and follow through.


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