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Shipping Changes For Subscription Boxes

  • Now From the 12th-18th { As an Artisan handcrafted box, this is a realistic time goal for small businesses and shipping imports.
  • Better Prices { Cubic Parcel Select Ground is coming to USPS and cheaper prices for shipping will be available soon}
  • No Shipping on Weekends or Holidays { To have better work/life balance in our small family business, we no longer ship on weekends and holidays}

Greetings Wolf Pack!


This is a friendly message to let you know the new changes to our shipping and why we are making some immediate corrections so that moving forward we all have more realistic expectations for when the boxes will be ready!  Previously we have had multiple issues with vendors getting us our crystal shipments, and as of late with working with smaller businesses, they have voiced that there is still a long delay in shipping, getting supplies for their craft, needing extra time, etc.


As crafters ourselves this is something that is also an issue, we make hundreds and sometimes thousands of kits, handcrafted goods, self-care bath items, jewelry, etc. and need things and there are delays, or we just need more time to make them!  Realistically as a small business that doesn't manufacture, or get things at a large bulk rate months in advance- we are different.  And special.


So we decided to extend our shipping time out to the 12th-18th to give extra time for these factors and bring in more community, more small business, more local flavor and keep the high quality in our own hand crafted items up to standard.  This is effective as of July's box, so there is a delay in the ‘The Wild’s Embrace' theme, but we are working hard on getting them all complete and you will see them at your door soon!


As always we appreciate your patience, loyalty, love and kindness.  We are going with the flow, and we hope you understand the nature of what the Universe brings as well.  Each day is a gift, and balance is very important, especially now when so much is in chaos around us.  Time for family, time for yourself, time for nature, time for spirit, time for rest…are all really important- and we need that too.  So thank you.  Thank you for being our Wolf Pack and for reading this, and for going with our flow.


Blessed Be, Kat

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